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Believe in you

Vision is believing in something others can’t see but YOU but most importantly belief in YOU that you can accomplish anything. Last night watched the movie “Joy” with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper & Robert Dineiro and I must say it moved me soo much I started tearing up…belf1

As Entrepreneurs we face the same portrayal in the movie well not exactly but similar. It’s based on a creative lady  that invented the magic mop which is sold in every store. To see everything she went through was heartbreaking especially the hardship of having small children and a husband that won’t work. However….She was a badass and never gave up. Stood up for herself when everyone didn’t believe in her invention & opposition from family and friends. They mean well but it’s not their vision it’s Yours! 🙂 Do You!

Things to know before advertising on Digital Podiums

The leading company in Digital Podiums Digiads Inc. is sharing tips on things that you need to apply before creating an advertising for a digital podium. First make sure you are clear in what you would like to achieve, these are outdoor advertisings with moving images so you have only 3 seconds to catch the attention of the val7678person. Digital podiums are a new innovative way of advertise, this will help you engage your customer on a easier way just simply because of the attraction it creates for being something that has never been done before. Make sure your ad includes big text and bright colors. Some people will see these digital podiums walking by it, driving from a highway, from a high building etc… this means you need to make sure you target all of these types of pedestrians and drivers. For the text size 3″ it’s the recommended size and use color for the fonts that make contrast with the background don’t use colors that are too similar for example a light purple over a blue will make the readibility much less than if you put a blue background with a white text. Remember your total ad it’s 9 seconds try not to make it run too fast, simple sometimes it’s better! Use negative colors, like red and white, yellow and black, purple and white do not use colors that will make the text get lost like yellow over black, ping over red and gray over white. Make it fun – This will make sure it grabs the attention of those around it, use images or videos to make it attractive and make it fun.