How to save gas

as prices are on the rise. It is important that most of our gasoline consumption. There are many tips, that will help the unit more efficient and save at the pump. If you believe your vehicle out of gas too fast to runs, we can help you. Collision and repair of Robert is always available to answer any questions that you have. At the moment, we have five tips to improve your gas mileage:

Avoid this aggressive effort: speed and rapid acceleration or deceleration is considered aggressive driving. Not only is aggressive, dangerous driving, is also not good for the fuel consumption of your vehicle. Wise walking is safe and cost-effective.
Watch out for the speed limit: fuel consumption falls in the more rapid rule going, especially if you comply with the speed limit speeds over 50 km/h is a good way of improving mileage of the gas, while remaining safe.
To avoid, carry heavy loads, especially on the roof: if possible, try to avoid, for the transport of heavy load, especially if you’re on the roof of your vehicle. If you are on its roof, the wind Strip in your vehicle, causing his car lot to work more to follow later. You can take it to an auto body collision san diego to fix it for you. This reduces fuel consumption.
Remove excess weight: If elements, especially if you have, in your vehicle, remove.
Use the speed control: If you use cruise control on the highway, aid at a constant speed saves to get gas.
A well maintained engine is a great way to improve your gas mileage. Sometimes it can be bad something in your engine, and their use can be strongly affected. A local auto body can examine your engine to ensure all tip top form.

Everything in the world was there for me

To use or ignore as it suited my needs. I remember this feeling. And it wasn’t because I knew better and didn’t care… was because it just was the way it was. Rudeness and inconsideration was simply because I just didn’t know that I was part of this whole world yet. That other things would matter. Everything was special and mine…I was totally unique. The mornings were mine and I was the only one who could feel them the “right” way. My ideas were original and people couldn’t get them because they were too deep. My best friend was mine and mine alone. My style was completely mine, my favorite programs were mine. I was special.

Doom Music. I’m so greatful that I heard it in my lifetime. It touches me somewhere that I can’t describe. I can’t even evoke a bad feeling when I’m listening to classic Doom or Heretic music. Life was always good when I was playing those games. I would often use them, to release frustration that I fealt from work or family. They also remind me of the many fun hours I spent creating my own levels, music, and graphics. And the feelings of extreme excitement when I would finally play one of my own levels, and realize that it was good….really good and fun.

Sleeping while watching old Vincent Price movies. That’s such a great feeling. For some reason, VP’s voice soothes me, like a lullaby. As a child, his movies were the horror movies I was allowed to watch. So sleeping while hearing him, is almost like stepping back to being 8 years old, and sleeping in the security, that my mom is in the next room, that I’ll always be taken care of, and that I have no worries.

Lupin the 3rd and Cased Closed anime episodes. Always make me happy.

Playing old Nintendo games, such as Legacy of the Wizard. I remember the excited feeling I got knowing that there would be a lot of things to explore, but that none of them would be so hard as to frustrate me. The anticipation of starting the new game, and going on a mental journey.

Danish Dessert! Don’t know if anyone else remembers this stuff, but it was a delicious strawberry jello type stuff, that was meant for pie filling. My mom used to make it in little bowls and keep them in the fridge. Yumm….boy, I’d like to have some more of that.

UpdateSomeone very wonderful read this little section of my website and sent me 5 boxes of Dannish Dessert!!!! Can you believe the kindness in this world? Everytime I think it’s peaked, another little special something happens. Thank you to “you know who you are”! Here come’s a childhood flashback!!!

Running some errands

And happen to grab the latest “random lengths” San Pedro newsprint going old school and then I said Wow! This is news…. couldn’t share a newspaper article so I found it online 🙂

How so?

Well I used to work for this company in Tempe, AZ in HQ very corporate type of environment as an Import documentation rep working non union job but the pay was great to live out in Phoenix.

Many times the bank would tell me what do you do? I would tell them I work for government officials preparing docs in the shipping industry . You know those big ships?

Then I forgot I’m not in Long Beach/San Pedro anymore! 🙂 Had to explain but they were clueless as its the desert and no ships dock in AZ.

I’ve had many jobs but this was my favorite out of all. The building was elegant, the pay was great, the culture, our team.

And so to hear this is happening is pretty shocking. Even back then lots of us were laid off and seniority only remained but to see this wowza!

Nothing is secure. You have to create your own path. 🙂