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Your health it’s important

Because health is the investment involved greater use, offers the keys to try to enjoy a full life. 1 to make your body Prevention and early detection of the disease are the two most important pillars for maintaining the health. Apart from a healthy lifestyle habits, to the preventive vaccination is necessary.

With respect to early detection, regular monitoring is the key: studies of breast and cervical uterine, gynecological and urological for colonoscopy for cancer of the prostate for colorectal cancer, spirometry, COPD, etc… Recalls. Get a check-up is an investment that the greatest benefits for your health.

2 this attitude! Pain in the back to avoid inconveniencing of easiest and most common way. Relaxation with Yoga or Pilates exercises and strengthen abdominal and dorso-lumbar muscles in the gym or swimming Hall is a few small changes to prevent diseases of the spinal column. Recalls. Taking care of postural hygiene in the workplace and is running at least 10 minutes exercise: to prevent back pain and gain prosperity.

3. less Court and more shoe Who wants to win in the health sector, in addition to improving nutrition, it is necessary to increase the amount of physical activity. Make 5 meals per day, including the musts do not miss a breakfast consists of fruit, dairy products and whole grains and a light evening meal not enough for good health: cardiovascular, in addition to his work as helps reduce a soothing emotional factors risk get in shape. Recalls. Exercise sports on a regular basis and get some real objectives: you’ll feel better. 4 pretty people (and some more)

We cannot life without sleep. In fact, enough sleep (7-8 hours) and with a good quality of sleep is crucial for the maintenance of healthy lifestyle. The use of supplements like the christian direct sales Recalls. If you sleep poorly or badly, this increases the risk of some diseases and reduces quality of life. Good sleep is healthy! Dale from game 5 Confirmed: most active people are brain dead more cognitive impairment,
which translates to protégé prosperity and the prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Recalls. Stay socially active, reads books and newspapers, listen to music and painting, learn to play an instrument or a new language, get a hobby… Give your brain work and stop cognitive decline! 6, to get wet! Water is vital for the human body, both helps our body to recover, the brand of urine, sweat or breath, one of the most complete and most adapted sports all the muscles, ligaments and tendons lost work: swimming. Recalls. Never wait to get thirst for drinking water (average 2 liters a day) and tried to swim at least once a week: your body will thank you.

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